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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  June 30, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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tied up at the dock tomorrow. >> and tiny pest. big problem. growing bed bug infestation in the bay area. 7 news begins in growing bed bug infestation in the bay area. 7 news begins in 60 seconds. ////////////
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>> getting across the bay just got more challenging for commuters. good evening i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. golden gate ferry service cancelled for tomorrow because of threatened one day strike by the ticket seller union. we are live at the larkspur ferry terminal with what all this means for commuters. >>reporter: well, for those who know about it, it means they have to stay home. drive. or take a bus. for anyone who arrives at for ri terminal tomorrow morning unaware the district will be doing sweep, occasional sweep through the terminal and shuttling people to the golden gate bridge bus stop and from there they have to make their way. what it means for l commuters beyond
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that saturday sunday next week well that's a little unclear. 16 ticket agent at the larkspur ferry terminal embarcadero and on the sausolito ferry are due to be replaced with ticket machines we can from tomorrow. the union has been negotiating with the golden gate bridge district about the transition since november 2009. but now at the 11th hour the union says it had no choice but to threaten a one day striking. >> it was very disappointing today that rather than try and resolve the problem, the district took the position to l shut down service for tomorrow. >>reporter: what we think is the rate thing to do which is to suspend service in light of the strike as other unions won't want to cross the line and just cut to the chase and let our customers know tonight. >>reporter: bridge district says it has to close a budget gap of 89 million dollars over the coming 5 years and it is offering to reassign the
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workers. >> i think our organization has an excellent track record in what we offer and what we put on the table. >> all we are asking for is to be treated with dignity and respect as they phase our jobs out through auto makes evening ferry commuters found out about tomorrow's shut down through on board announcement. this computer programmer will work from home. >> terrible thing but when you have a budget gap what are you going the do. >>reporter: some commuters will drive. >> pay for the bridge and parking and cost of the gas. and all that kind of stuff. >>reporter: the service cancellation tomorrow comes on the same day that a 5 percent fair increase is scheduled for ferry service and bus service in the gelleden gate bridge district. the union contract expires tonight at midnight. less than an hour from now and union says that negotiations are not scheduled to resume until next friday. in larkspu larkspur, abc 7 news. >> all right thank you heather.
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>> bed bug infestation are growing problem in santa clara county. pest are turning up everywhere. in motel. homes. apartments. but there sims to be a gray area when it comes to rental properties and who is responsible for getting rid of bed bugs. lisa is live in san jose with that story. lace? >>reporter: carolyn as you said bed bug are getting in all kinds of places and there's a lot of blame going around especially since the number of bed bug cases in the county has doubled every year since 2006. >> came over and got bit. >>reporter: she moved into this santa clara apartment in february. three months later, she realized she had bed bugs. >> he pulled this back. they were in the bed and all in this corner. >>reporter: bed bug can hide anywhere. in mattresses. walls. sofa. even inside telephones. but she never saw them. because she's legally pwlichbilityd even her live in
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care give left because of the bed bugs. gilmore then contacted the building owner. >> pevsh has point finger like you saichltd i'm not spochbility i didn't bring the them. >>reporter: gilmore tried moving out. she says the owner won't let her brick her lease. i called the corporate office myself. someone told me the owner had no comment then hung up on me. abc 7 did learn the owner has steam cleaned the carpet and bombed the place. gilmore uses over the counter powder and sprays but the bugs keep coming back. county control agency was notified early this month. >> now we are up to 150, 2 50 calls a year and it has been doubling about every year because they are insect and bug make a lot of babies. >>reporter: the department doesn't exterminate but can advice. gilmore was told someone needs to clean out her home. higher exterminator an continuously treaty the apartment for a month. or the bugs could spread to neighboring apartments.
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>> the more we point fingers and scramble back and forth these guys are just breding away while we are argue. >>reporter: while the issue of responsibility continues, gilmore neighbor feels caught in the middle. >> i'm kind of worried bit because i wouldn't want it to happen to me, them wouldn't want something happening to my apartment. >>reporter: if one ex term 98 toir tor said it costs 500 dollars to get rid of them properly. live in the south bay bureau, abc 7 news. what a mess. lisa thank you. >> oakland city leaders passed a budget hours before the midnight deadline. vote was 4-4. oakland mayor kwan broke the tie. she was able to negotiate with one group to ultimately get the deal passed. >> everybody worked really har hard. they were really close. i don't want to give that much difference in break the tie because really the difference between the 2 was less than a couple hundred,000 dollars. >>reporter: oakland is facing a 58 million dollar deficit.
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city has approved a 28 million dollar sale of the henry j kaiser convention center and city worker union agree to give back more than 30 million in concession. san jose men time took a painful step to close its 115 million dollar deficit. today the city laid off 67 police officers. it's the first time san jose has ever resorted to police layoffs. cuts leave 1100 officers on the force to cover a city of more than 1 million people. the police chief says he will restructure the department to put more officers on patrol and place priority on emergency calls and violent crime. >> first time in 5 years california has passed it's budget on time. it comes with spending cuts and fee increase and based in part on the hope of higher revenue that might not materialize. governor brown signed the 86 billion dollar spending plan today. >> tacked on the budget was a trailer fwhail redirects 130 million dollars in vehicle license fee that normally help pay for local police and fire
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services. the league of california city today called it a fiscal nightmare and called on governor brown to veto the measure saying it was passed so quickly lawmakers may not have known what they were veting fo for. san francisco stand to lose almost 3 million dollars from its public safety program because of the bill. san jose will last 3.9 million and oakland one and a half million. measure goes into effect at midnight unless the governor vetoes it. >> in and out pass annual of the state budget means california sales tax goes down by 1% at midnight when the temporary increase will expire. state expects to lose about 4 and a half billion dollars because of the change. howeve however, californians most any way will save a few cents on a slice of pizza or other small items and many people delayed mainly purchase lick buying a car or appliance to save even more. retailers reprogrammed their cash registers so customers will be charged the correct sales tax tomorrow. also going into effect
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tomorrow. fee hike for transit riders. the transportation agency is facing 45 million dollar short fall and as a result the cost of the muni monthly passes will increase by 2 dollars for adult and 1 dollar for seniors and kids. cable car fare are sgrum 5 to 6 dollars while the city annual parking permit will increase by 2 dollars. >> error by hospital staff contributed to the death of a patient at marin general hospital according to the coroner report. 52-year-old woman died on may 5th minutes after breathing tube inserted in her throat. coroner found the staff did not vir tie the ventilator was working before leaving her room n.a statement to abc 7, marin general hospital spokesperson said corrective action were taken after the incident and that every staff member who works in critical care environment has been educated on new safety steps. more to bring you tonight. you hear a lot about the impact of climate change but new
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report says changing temperatures are threatening to forever alter california premier wine region. >> also why the case against former head of the ims accused of sexually assaulting a hotel made could be in jeopardy. >> also tonight. how one man was able to board a plane without availed i.d. or boarding pass. >> then litter on "nightline". >> coming up next on "nightline". surprise witness in the trial of casey anthony. the alleged mits stress of her father with hint 0at what might have really happened to young kaley left a heavy rock 1,000 times. that's part of the craziest race on earth. we'll show it to you on
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> sexual assault case against the former head of the international monetary fund may be on the verge of collapse. credibility of the housekeeper who said the man attacked her in the new york hotel suite is said to be in question. l one official told "the new york times"that the woman has repeatedly lied since making the initial alleges. the man is sues pegged to get bail reduced tomorrow. >> major security breach at one of the country busiest airport
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airports. nigerian born man has been in fbi custody tonight after he was arrested trying to board a plane in los angeles with 10 boarding passes that weren't his. and this wasn't the first time he tried this. 5 days ago he managed to pass through 2 security check points at jfk airport with only a student i.d. and an expired boarding pass. it wasn't until he was on board that flight that the crew noticed he had invalid documents. he's charged with being stow away but not under any terror or security loss. >> los angeles detectives came to san francisco today looking for clue about missing teenager from india. 15-year-old singe has not been seen since he disappeared from the radisson hotel near the university of southern california campus a week ago. singe was part of group of about 30 people visiting the u.s. on educational tour. they are now in san francisco. >> we have his passport flagged and no indication that he left the country with the passport.
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>>reporter: singe speaks littleed english apparently and had a substantial amount of money in his pocket. how much we are not shuvrment now police say they sdaided to appeal to the public for help after the investigation hit a dead end. they do not believe foul play is involved. >> at midnight new emergency medical service hits the road in santa clara county. first new ambulance service there in more than 30 years. rural metro california taking over from american medical response. 375 million dollar contract will run for 5 years. company is getting 55 new ambulance to transport an estimated 70,000 patients throughout most of the county. >> in silicon valley here i think folk notice our providers are entering the medical records in smart phones and that also ensures that the patient records and treatment that is provided in the pre-hospital setting can be made available in a timely manner to the nurses and physicians and other staff at the hospital. >> rural metro also provide 5 especially equip vehicle to
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treat obese patients. 95 percent of rural metro staff were previously employed by am amr. gateway bank threw a party at new corporate office in downtown oakland tonight. bank needed more space so it moved its head quarterers from san francisco to historic art deco building on broadway. they celebrated the move with balloons and cake as you can see. the bank specialize in mortgages. more than half the business comes from women and minorities. last year generated 22 and half million dollars in revenue that is down more than a third from the previous year. >> oregon may soon become the go to state for wine making. new report says claim at change will improve growing condition and wine growing in the pacific northwest. napa valley could see a dramatic change for the worst. wayne reports. >>reporter: for a cabernet vine in the napa valley this is perfect 85 degree day. kind of weather the plants like and men who grow them like even more. >> about normal end of june
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beginning of july. >>reporter: he runs vineyard operation. the only news that might have soured the day new study by the climate at researcher at stan fovrmentd he has been looking at the affects of global warming on california wine and his conclusions are a little scary. he predicts a two degree rise in temperature that could render half of napa valley vineyard unfit for producing premium vin tan. >> when we look at the napa valley we find the area suitable for premium wine production is likely to decrease over the next 30 years l as a result of global warmin warming. >>reporter: according to the study the biggest danger is not from a temperature rise of 2 degrees but from the effect of very hot days on these vines. right now they get maybe 30 day as year with temperature exceeds 95 degrees. but in 30 years these vines might see 40 hot days. >> foreseeable future it's manageable. it's irresponsible for us to be sort of calling the death now for the industry in van a valley.
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>>reporter: for terri hall nap valley vintner association this isn't so much a climate change debate but climate change studies. last february they published their own study that shows while night temperatures have increased by one degree, daytime numbers remain the sam same. stanford study doesn't have them convinced yet. >> too much of a broad stroke. broad brush stroke of agriculture in the western u.s. . not specific enough to napa valley. >>reporter: for napa they recommend many planting l this type of grape. >> i don't think it will end premium wine xwraip production in nap valley but adapt how we grow the vine grape. >>reporter: this is 3 decade warning. from the napa valley, l abc 7 news. >> that 3 decade away from we'll focus on the next 7 days now. >> actually the weekend. sandy here with the forecast. >> yes all important weekend. if drilling this weekend great looking weather. in a word we
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are going to see some heat.take a look at the time lapse from the high definition camera. tonight at 8:36 the sun setting to the west. skies clear. it is pretty clear this evening. we don't have any fog at this hour but we will see a little bit by morning. not much. temperatures right now mainly 60's. antioch 72 degrees and we have 50's right along the coast. l patchy coastal fog overnight. warming trend continues tomorrow and we are expecting hot day inland in to next week. we give you a stretch of summer weather here that is going to be a good tl string of hot days ahead. so take a look at our warming trend. today high pressure compared to the next couple days. santa rosa going from 82 degrees to 89 eventually 91 degrees in you will feel the heat in livermore from 84 degrees to 90 for tomorrow. then 97 by saturday. really going to get toasty. san jose from 80 to 85 to 89 if you like warm to hot weather
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we are going to see it in the coming days. by morning really comfortable weather. numbers all in the 50's. couple patches of fog forming right near half moon bay as we head into the early morning hours. here's pacific satellite picture this area of high pressure that is going to provide us with string of hot days inland. i'm not just talking about 1 or two days but 7 straight daisy of hot conditions. inland. if you don't like it. always have place for you here in the bay area. along the coast line patches of fog in the morning. clearing away. sun out. temperatures respond in the 90's inland. 60's at the coas coast. good 30 degrees spread for the most part as we head into the holiday weekend. so here are the high for your friday in the south bay. 87 for sarah together a.85 in san jose. sunshine on the peninsula made upper 70's for millbrae, san mateo oshtion 81 in palo alto. 66 right along the coast in half machine bay. pleasant day in downtown san francisco reading coming up a couple of degrees. 71. 64 in
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daly city and north bay you have the 60's along the coast line. low 90's around clover dale ukiah clear lake 89 degrees in santa rosa. east bay pleasant day. 76 for oakland. 81 in hercules. inland area where you see the temperatures in the low to mid 90's in many areas, 94 brentwood. 90 for livermore and monterey bay, 70 in monterey, 68 for new carmel. here's look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast it is nuching as we head into the weekend. hot holiday weekend temperatures nearing 100 degrees inland saturday and sunday. coastal area mid 60's to low 70's. that's beach wchblingts and for the fourth of july just a little dip but they rebound gechbility you notice the hot weather as we head into the middle and latter part of the work week. for the fireworks looking good. most areas. we see clear skies rightal the coast line. couple patches. >> yes. thanks sandy. >> coming up here. new
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training regimen for athlete twoychlt hours of one particular activity will lead to better performance on the particular activity will lead to better performance on the basketball court
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we all know this is critical
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to perform at the top of the game. it's true if you have hoop dreams. stanford researchers followed players on the basketball team for 2 seasons and found those who regularly up the sleep to continue hours ran faster and had greater accuracy shooting. preliminary finding for other sports indicate more sleep leads to better performance. so the bottom line is snooze, you win. >> well tasty treat courtesy of the oakland a's today. players and coaches along with some local celebrity served root beer float to fans before the game against the marlins. dan was among the celebrity scoopers working hard. >> he's generous with the ice cream. >> yes. big portion. go to him in line at the ice cream shop. the root beer float day raised more than 29,000 dollars for the juvenile diabetes research foundation. wonderful cause. >> it really is. very generous. speaking of generous. mike. >> too much root beer for the a's today. both struggle
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today. show you why. a's second baseman ellis has new home traded to colorado. we second baseman ellis has new home traded to colorado. we hear from the longesesññçñçñçñçp
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>> nothing tougher than getting traded mid season. take it from me. in any sport. today icicle's did that to ellis to colorado. for minor league pitcher and player named later. he's the longest player with the a's. 10 years with the oakland organization but went on the dl early this season with a hamstring injury he lost the starting job. career 265 hitter played his entire major league stipulate with oakland and handled demotion and trade with class. >> great organization. i have been proud to be part of it for 10 years. it's going to be tough but there's a time in everybody life where this stuff happens, you know. this happened to be my time to move on and go help another organization. >>reporter: all right. finale of 4 game set. trevor recent
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struggle continue. 5th inning. done buck. 2 run double to left snevrment marlins take a 5 nothing lead but stage late rally. bottom 8. see ya. then in the 9th man on line drive to let and it scales the wall. all of a sudden the lead cut to one. then weeks. l last hope swing and myself end it and marlins take it 5-4. pl giants chicago one run lead bottom 9 looks enough for the win but gives up a home run to ramirez that sent the game into extra innings. l hitless until this in the 13th. sixth of the year. back on top 2-1. but ramirez can't hold the lead. 2 outs. bailey single to left. ross up throwing. now the game tied at two 2 batters lateed. it's gone. 3 run. walk off
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homer to left. 5-2 the final giants lost 2 straight. 3 game set tomorrow in detroit. nba owner locked out their players earlier tonight when the agreement ex paired. issue concerning to the owners 22 of the 30 teams were in the red this year with 300 million in loss. want a hard salary cap at 45 million as opposed to soft cap that makes it tougher for small market team to survive and want revenue sharing among the teen. first look out since 1998 and nba and the nfl both locked out. ladies semi-time at wimbledon. maria with 17 when won first in 2000 4 facing if her today. she spotted the german wild card 3 minute lead and winning 12 of the 16 games despite 13 double fault. straight set victory. most this player open saturday. men semi tomorrow.
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in additional and murray and 2 great match ups. >> yes terrific thank you. >> "nightline"coming up next. i'm dan. >> i'm carolyn for mike andmic sandy thanks for joins. >> appreciate your time and hope to see you again hear tomorrow. hope to see you again hear tomorrow. >> good
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